Cookie Policy

The present Cookie Policy details what cookies are and how they function within the context of a business like BitiCodes. In addition, it also explains how they affect the user and what your rights are regarding their use.

Considering how widespread and essential cookies are in the digital era, we strongly recommend familiarising yourself with the present document. Though this policy outlines how BitiCodes employs cookies specifically, we believe learning more about them will be helpful to you in general, as cookies are ubiquitous online.

Cookies: What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

Cookies are very simple text files that websites such as BitiCodes use to identify individual customers. Our server generates them automatically when you first visit our website, creating a code that becomes your personal identifier.

The server then sends the cookie file to your device — your smartphone, tablet, or computer, depending on how you accessed our website. Upon subsequent returns, the cookies on your device help our website recognise you.

Cookies help websites understand how users interact with their web resources. For example, they help us learn if people enjoy spending time reading long text passages that contain a lot of information or if they prefer to skim through and pause to look at images instead.

This behaviour analysis is crucial for web developers because it allows us to see where we need to focus our efforts to communicate with you more efficiently.

Moreover, some cookies actually make certain website functionalities possible that would not be available to customers otherwise.

In other words, cookies help the BitiCodes website function properly and also give us valuable insights on what we need to improve to deliver a more enjoyable user experience in the future.

It is well within your rights to decline our use of cookies, but that would affect the performance of our website, and you may be unable to use some parts of it.

Types of Cookies Used by BitiCodes

Broadly speaking, you will encounter three main types of cookies on the BitiCodes website, provided you have not opted out.

Note that if you want to enjoy a smooth browsing experience and access all services BitiCodes offers, you need to allow the use of cookies on your device.

Below you can find more information about each type of cookie we use on the BitiCodes website and what it does.

Essential Cookies

This first and most basic kind of cookie is also the most important one for the proper functioning of the BitiCodes website. They are also sometimes called permanent cookies and fulfil the following functions:

Google Analytics Cookies

These cookies come from BitiCodes’ agreement with Google and help us improve the overall experience of our website. They analyse your behaviour while using our website to provide insights into whether content performs well or poorly, whether users enjoy using our website or not, and so forth.

In particular, Google Analytics cookies help us glean the following information:

As per BitiCodes’ agreement with Google, the search engine is not allowed to see or use any of your Personal Data collected through Google Analytics cookies for its own purposes, nor to track your activity online.

Third-party Cookies

Sometimes referred to as ‘temporary,’ third-party cookies help establish a connection between your experiences on BitiCodes and other websites we are not necessarily associated with. They focus on your overall behaviour and interests online and help in customising content so that you may see articles, ads, etc., about things you care about instead of less relevant content.

This type of cookie helps us:

Declining Cookies

Though we highly recommend that you consent to our use of cookies so you may experience the full benefits the BitiCodes website offers, we understand that you might favour privacy and prefer not to allow us to collect data about you via cookies. In this case, you can opt out of cookie use partially or entirely, depending on your needs.

  1. When you first visit BitiCodes, you will see a pop-up message with information about our use of cookies, what they are, what types we use, etc. You then have the option to accept some or all of them, or decline the use of cookies on our site entirely.
  2. Additionally, most web browsers also have their own cookie settings, allowing you to automatically block specific types of cookies (or all of them). Check guides specific to your browser to learn how to disable cookies this way.
  3. If you initially agreed to our use of cookies but changed your mind later, you can clear your browser cookies from the settings of your browser app or program.

Changes to Our Cookie Policy

As cookie technology evolves, digital trends change, and governments pass new privacy-related legislation, we may need to amend our Cookie Policy. We reserve our right to change the text presented here without prior notice to the user. Make sure to regularly check back to stay updated with any changes we might make to our Cookie Policy in time.

Questions and Concerns about Cookies

Please use the Contact Us form on the BitiCodes website if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our Cookie Policy.